Q. What do I do when my TidyBaby is in the wash? 
A. It’s best to have 2 or more in order to rotate while they are being washed.

Q. What size are they? 
A. Our bibs are one size fits most, starting around 6-8 months they will be quite big on some kids but will fit until most children are about 3.

Q. Will I receive a tracking number with my order? 
A. Yes, all orders shipped within Canada are sent via Canada Post Express parcel with a tracking number provided.

Q. Do you ship to the US? 
A. Current shipping arrangements are for Canada only. We hope to begin shipping to US soon. Please email for further information orders@tidybaby.ca.

Q. My child doesn’t like wearing bibs will it still work? 
A. Kids get used to what we teach them, our bibs make the clean up process so much easier that it will be worth the effort to train your child to keep it on and take the time to put it on for every meal.

Q. I can’t get the suction cups to stick 
A. Check our Instagram page video titled “Fastening the suction cups”. Quickly wipe the table or tray with a damp cloth before sticking the suction cups down, this helps to create a stronger seal.


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