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The TidyBaby Classic

The TidyBaby Classic

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4 New Colours!

What is the number one problem when a child is learning to feed themselves?  The mess!  We all want our babies to learn to eat on their own, but wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to hose them and their highchair down after every meal!? 

TidyBaby™ happily solves that problem!  

  • Unique suction cup design sticks the bib to highchair trays and tables creating a barrier that covers the gap from tray to mouth
  • Keeps the mess and stains off your little ones clothes, highchair seat and floor
  • Full length sleeves to keep stains off
  • Save yourself hours of clean up time and laundry 100% machine washable

The reviews are in and busy parents are loving the TidyBaby bib!

"Thank you for creating an awesome product!” - Cherie

“Thank you for creating a product that works wonders and saved us on a very messy dinner” - Natalie

“It definitely made clean up easier!” - Jessica

    100% Machine washable - remove suction cups - wash bib in laundry

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    Baby Led Weaning

    A crucial step in child development that can often be overlooked because of the mess it makes and the amount of work to clean up. Helps children develop hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, texture recognition and temperature sense. Some evidence also suggests children learn healtier eating habits like portion control

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