Our Story

My name is Maclean and I am a father of 3 young boys from Surrey BC, Canada. TidyBaby was born out of my own experience as a parent. My middle son was learning to feed himself and one day he was eating one of his favorite meals—oatmeal. A 14-month-old teaching himself to eat oatmeal is likely one of the messiest challenges a parent can face. 

If you have kids you know it's important to let them learn to feed themselves (and you know kids can be stubborn about doing things themselves as they learn). 

My son was wearing a regular bib but nothing we had (or anything I could find on the market) really, actually, worked and stopped the food from getting all over his clothes, the chair, and the floor. So I duct taped the bottom edge of his bib up onto the tray of the highchair. It worked great—it created a barrier that kept all the food from falling down below onto his lap. TidyBaby was born! 

Our son with the original TidyBaby bib prototype.

Our son wearing one of the early TidyBaby bib prototypes.

Since the early days the TidyBaby bib has grown and evolved.  I’ve improved the design to cover even more area and secure more comfortably with Velcro on the neck closure.  Our new bibs come in 2 shades Midnight Black, and Casual Grey, and 2 beautiful pastel colours Lavender Bloom and Ranger Green.  These bibs are 100% machine washable, the suction cups can be completely removed and placed in the dishwasher and the bibs go in the laundry. 

Our new TidyBaby Bib in Midnight Black

Our new TidyBaby Bib in Midnight Black

Baby led weaning is a relatively new term but the developmental process of a child learning to feed themself is as old as human history.  This is a crucial step in baby’s development where they learn; hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, texture recognition, hot and cold, self regulation and even proper nutritional preference. 

Our bibs make this messy process so much easier for busy parents that now there’s no excuse to skip it.

Save time cleaning up after meals, save clothes from stains, and save your sanity with TidyBaby™. Buy the TidyBaby™ Bib today!